My computer wont boot?(sometimes)

My computer use to work a week ago
now i have to start computer several times in order to get my computer go through bios and stuff like that.
spec: intel core 2 duo e7500 2.93ghz
asus eah5770 cucore
p5g43t-m pro
gskill DDR3-1066 PC3 8500 2GB(1GB x 2)
antec 550w plus
is driving me insane right now it take 5 or 6 times to boot. normally it just dont even show anything on the screen not even the bios!!!!!
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  1. I had this once.. turned out to be a dead motherboard. Once your machine is running, do you have any other problems? Also, can you check and see if your PSU is working as it should and giving stable power?
  2. 1. Get rid of any OC if you have 1.
    2. Prime 95 12 hrs min to test CPu stability.
    3. Memtest 8 passes min to test RAM.
    4. Make any changes/updates to system recently?
  3. actually i did some oc since last week.
    i think the second time after oc the bios told me that oc failed
    also i think my mobo is not dead cuz it beeps once when i start up the computer.
    my psu is definitely working cuz i did start up the computer several times but not all the time.
    and also is kinda confusing because the first time i got this problem i thought that my graphic card is broken so i changed one and it worked and i changed bios battery too. :pfff:
  4. i also noticed that my computer boot up correctly is when the fan start out loud and slow down. but now i get same fan speed since power on.
  5. anyone else have any suggestions?
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