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Difference between these three RAM

I am trying to figure out what RAM to buy to go with my ASRock P67 Extreme4 B3. One RAM is built for P67, another is high performance gaming memory, and the other is $10 off. I really don't know which one to get. I have a P67 Mobo, this is for a gaming build, but also the cheaper the better.|20-231-313^20-231-313-TS%2C20-231-193^20-231-193-TS%2C20-231-427^20-231-427-TS
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    The Ripjaws X is the newest RAM of the three. It will have the newest circuit board and newest chips on that board.

    The other two are older and have likely been sitting in a warehouse for a while.

    Other than that, they are all the same. The brand of the chips on the circuit board might be different, but they are all using the same timings and voltage. Any of them would work for Sandy Bridge. I would choose the Ripjaws X as they are the newest, but that's me.

    Edit: The one in the middle isn't a dual-channel kit -- it's just one 4GB stick. That's why it is $10 off.
  2. ^ +1 For the Ripjaws X.
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