Best Cooling methods/options?

Hey guys, i'm upgrading my graphics card for the new FFXIV.

I have 2 3.4 Ghz dual core processors, and a 512 video card... i noticed when playing street fighter that frames would slow down... my computer's pretty stout, but i would notice it was extremely hot when playing.

My deductive reasoning has lead me to believe that i need better cooling... Which brings me to the question i would like to ask you gents-

What, good sirs, is the best way to cool a computer? Please don't simply suggest fans and heat sinks, and if you do, provide in detail how your method of Fans/Heat sinks works better than the conventional method of Fans/Heat sinks.

Thank you.
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  1. What processor, GPU, and case do you have?

    Quick way to drop the temps, get yourself a can of compressed air from staples or somewhere and a few wire ties. Blow the dust out of the heatsinks on your CPU, motherboard and GPU and use the wire ties to bundle up wires out of the way as best you can, this will help air flow through your case easier.
  2. GPU- Radeon 4850 (HD series, 512 MB). Processor- Intel(R) Xeon(TM) CPU 3.40GHz (x2). Case- SopranoRS, y'know the generic black case that everyone's got? (i actually kept the door on mine... dunno why... i don't really like doors).

    And, thank you for your input, and i probably will use your tips, but, what's the best way to cool a computer? is it water? my friend said there was a new type of cooling system also. Any info on those? i'm trying to get away from fans/sinks. thanks.
  3. Air cooling is the best performance for the price, water cooling systems perform better but will cost you significantly more, around 200 or more for a full cooling system. How many fans does your generic case have? One? Maybe 2? If you switch it out for a newer name brand case with a few more fans and better airflow it should drop your temps a bit.

    In general a good air cooling arrangement is fine for everything but high levels of OCing.
  4. 2 Major fans, and of course my processor and video cards have their own fans.
  5. You might consider just getting a new case. One with better airflow like an Antec 900 or 1200. I have a Cooler Master HAF 932 that comes with 3 x 230 fans, and 1 x 140 mm fan. It's full ATX case that leaves a lot of room for airflow. I have since added another 140mm at the bottom of the case blowing up and another in the drive bay area blowing air through the case to the rear output.

    It's all about the airflow. Cool air in, hot air out.

    Like Hunter said, organizing your cables will also do you a world of good.
  6. Thanks guys, i was looking into getting water cooling, but it looks like i just need to reevaluate my tower's guts, and add more fans. I'm gonna give this a shot when i have time one day, if you care i'll post an update of how it worked out.

    You guys might have just saved me some money, thanks =), 'preciate the replies.
  7. You should also check out Corsiar H50 for CPU cooling alternative for air. I tested it on i7 and it's working fine even at 4GHz. Did additional tested on E6600 running cool at 3.5Ghz (35C).

    And it's on sale for $64.99 w/ rebate.

    OR! buy from retail store like BB and test it out. If you don't like it you have 14 days to return. =)
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