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Heres one to puzzle everyone:

Recently added another 6gb of ram to my x58 system. 12GB total. Windows and BIOS selectively choose to show only usable 10GB at times; however MemTest86+ and CPUz have verified all 12GB. I've read about this online sounds to be rather common.

The even weirder part: I have two OCZ SSD in Raid 0 as my OS boot. When 10GB of ram is visible to windows I have 19 gigs left on my C drive. When 12GB of Ram is visible to windows my C drive drops to only 17 gigs available to C? Unrelated I think not.

Any thoughts? Sounds like windows is having some allocation issues. Please Post.


I just turned off my Page file: All 12 gigs of ram are showing in windows, my Local Disk C capacity also went back to 30 gigs of free space. Gotta love it.
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  1. Yes, Windows allocates the same amount of hard drive space for page file as you have for RAM. That's why when the system only had 10GB of usable RAM your hard drive space went up by 2GB. It's normal.

    With the page file turned off, you will have problems with any program or game that expects you to have a page file. Be ready.
  2. good to know. thanks!
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