Intel Core i7 860 in HTPC

Hi, I was looking at building a HTPC building around an intel i7 860 that I won in a competition (costing me nothing..) what mobo (obviously LGA 1156) would you recommend coupled with graphics card and case?

Alternatively am I better off selling the Intel 860 and getting a i3/i5 with integrated graphics?

Seeing as I already have the CPU I was hoping to build the HTPC for approx $400, realistic?
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    It's possible... but you are going to be looking at bargain basement components... if you are only using it for movies/music... and haven't built your own computer before. Probly easier option to sell it and buy what you need.

    For $400, you're not going to get enough to even utilize an i7. You step up to the 600 range, and you can build a kick azz decent little computer
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