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Hi guys,

I have a large amount of media files including movies and music. I currently have a 2tb internal wd drive storing almost a full 2tb of music and another 1tb external with about 500 gb worth of data on it. I am looking to purchase another drive or multiple drives so that i can get all of these files on one drive and effectively back that drive up.

My question is, would i need to buy two 3tb drives and run a raid configuration to mirror one drive to another? Also, At some point I am going to run out of space on that 3 tb and I am going to want to move over to more space, where would I go from there? Whats would be the best or fastest software/strategy in transfering this LARGE amount of data to the new drive. What do you think would be the best configuration judging my circumstances?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. Could always look at getting three 3TB HDDs and put them in RAID5 - give you a total of 6TB and some redundancy.
  2. I recommend a NAS for what you want to do! It involves some invest, but is future save. Thecus or Synology offer different devices for four or more discs. You can start with two disks and plug more in later if you need the space. I Rerommend starting with three discs in a RAID5.
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