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Hello,i have a GeForce 7600 GS and would like to upgrade ,as i understand, a pci motherboard and graphics card would be good, but i dont have that so am stuck with what i understand to be the old style connections.
Anyone no if its still possible to upgrade to a better card.
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  1. So I'm assuming you're stuck with AGP. If so, then the best graphic card available is the HD 4670 (make sure it's AGP), also make sure your PSU is rated at least 350W. However, the HD 4670 will bottleneck with most AGP-era CPUs, such as the Athlon 64 X2s.
  2. just to add a little (sorry im new here) as far as i no this is my current spec.
    CPU:intel(r) pentium(r) 4 cpu 3.00ghz
    RAM:2.0 gb
    OS : Microsoft xp home edition service pack 3 (build 2600)
    VID CARD: Geforce 7600gs
    am running cod 4 well at moment but would like it better , would a 1gig graphics card improve things , am on a tight budget so any reccomendations on card upgrade would be helpfull
  3. A better graphic card should help. However, personally I wouldn't invest any money in that computer, I'd save up until I could buy a new one, because AFAIK, those Pentium 4s with AGPs are socket 478, and are obsolete.
  4. Do you want to play so badly?

    because i think you will better save money to buy a whole new things...

    Well, if you still want to upgrade then like Lmeow said above, the best AGP card is HD4670 AGP version... :)
  5. thanks for your help , i will prob save up replace the lot :)
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