I5;i7 or an AMD alternative

Hi guys...
im looking to upgrade in a few days, but need ur help-
i have a choice:

Phoenom II x6 1055t

...what would the best CPU be for gaming?
This is literally the only thing I will use if for...
Thanx_ [:grahamlv:3]
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  1. im doing a total system upgrade...
  2. For a gaming only build, an overclocked i5-750 is the best.

    You can compare cpu's here
  3. IMHO, the X6 wouldn't be efficiently utilized for gaming, which leaves the two Intel choices. Not that an AMD wouldn't be good - just not the one you picked. A Black Edition quad would be a better choice for gaming than the X6. Of the remaining, the i5 may be a couple dollars cheaper, so maybe that would influence a better GPU or maybe even splurge on a reasonable SSD - either of which would make a bigger improvement in your setup than the difference between whatever (recently released) processors you're looking at.

    My cousin is still young enough that his friend's opinions actually make a differece to how he perceives things. So when he asked me about his latest comp, I told him to talk to his friends and choose whichever they would give him the least sh*t about. Most of his friends didn't care, really, except he had a buddy who would cheerfully bl*w Hector Ruiz :o out of thankfulness for blessing the world with the amazingness that is AMD. (seriously - I met the kid... It's scary...)

    ...so my cousin bought an i7 930 'cos he thought that guy was annoying and wanted to piss him off. Bonus plan, I guess...
  4. ,,,no i7-930?
  5. Nope, HT, triple channel RAM doesn't help with gaming at all, you spend $150 extra for sometimes slower performance than the i5.
  6. You're on the Q9300 now?
    Considering you still have a decent CPU, and the upcoming release of two new CPU architectures from Intel (Sandy Bridge) and AMD (Bulldozer) I'd say your best course would be to hang on to your current system till the new hardware is benchmarked and the performance data is released.
    If you want to start upgrading now, go with parts you can move into your current system and then move forward into your next gen system.
    Things like HDDs, a case and PSU, maybe a video card. Those are things you could get now for a performance boost and still leave the door open for a final system upgrade once you know enough about SB and Bulldozer to decide if you want to wait for them.
  7. this build has to last me for about 4 yrs, so u say i should wait until the new architecture comes out?
    how do i know that they wont cost an arm and a leg?
    by then i would have to upgrade GPU(current:ati 5770), which would cost me even more, but then i could save for this...
    do you think i could do this on a R14000 budget?(about $2000)
    i would keep some parts like the case, and PSU(unless i need a bigger one), DVD drives,ect...
    thanx 4 the help, guys...
  8. Get a i5-760 if you have to.It's a little faster than the 750.
    However I WOULD ADVISE to wait until the Sandybridge and Bulldozer CPU's are available.They will be so much better than current offerings.Also you could wait until the new AMD Radeon 6000 series comes out too.
  9. thanx, so it looks like im going 2 have to wait till next year...
    BTW, do u think that Alienware might incorperate these new chips when they come out?
  10. p4nz3rm4d said:
    thanx, so it looks like im going 2 have to wait till next year...
    BTW, do u think that Alienware might incorperate these new chips when they come out?

    You will probably only have to wait a few months for Sandybridge.Bulldozer a couple of months later than that.
    I might be best to wait until both Intel and AMD CPU's are released in case AMD has a big winner (wait for benchmarks for both on Toms Hardware on upcoming articles).
    I am sure that Alienware will use these new CPU's but probably will have some systems a few months after the CPU's are released.It's better to build your own (more choices).
  11. yeah, i figured...(and cheaper...)
    from my situation, what would you do?
    i think i would build my gaming computer around the Sandy-bridge or Bulldozer, but what else should i upgrade?(remember R14000<$2000> max)
    Here are my specs:

    Intel Q9300 @ 2.5ghz
    Gigabyte G31m-ES2C
    Gigabyte Odin 720w
    2GB DDR2
    x2 Samsung DVD drives
    500GB HDD
    Thermaltake M9D Case
    XFX ATI Radeon HD 5770
    Windows Vista Home Premium
    Samsung SyncMaster 2263uw(Using HDMI)
    No sound card
    Microsoft Sidewinder x6 & x8
    Logitech 2.1 Speakers

    ...would you keep any of these?
    Remember, i can only upgrade next year, so some things i would be hoping to upgrade(Windows, GPU, ect)
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