P8P67 vs Maximus IV Extereme Gaming Performance ??

Hey guys ,
here is my gaming rig :

Motherboard: Asus P6X58 D-E
Processor: Core i7 960 @ 3.20Ghz
Graphics Card :Asus Gtx 470 1280 MBs DDR%
Ram: Twinmos @1333 MHz 8gbs (2x4)
PSU : FSP group Everest 800watts 80plus certified

i was thinking about upgrading my CPU but it seems that after long reading i noticed that the LGA1155 (Sandy Bridge Platform) performs as good as the X58 platform , in fact the 2600k sandy bridge is on a par , almost even better than intel's end processor the core i7 990x of the LGA1366 family , and the sandy bridge costs 3 times less so i thought i should change
1- my current mother board 2- my current processor and directly upgrade to the new chipset , and still have extra money in hand to upgrade my GPU rather than putting a thousand bucks into a 990x extreme when i could still get the same Performance Difference with the new sandy bridge upgrade ...

So, here comes my question
Regarding the Processor Sandy Bridge upgrade the 2600k is my only option here
Regarding the Motherboard Upgrade i have one of two options

the Asus P8P67 or the Asus Maximus IV Extereme , now i dunno much when it comes to the motherboard which one should give me a better Gaming Performance so i wanted to ask you guys

Should i Choose the Maximus Board , am i gona find a better performance when it comes to gaming ?
or is it that these 2 motherboards are equal and the Maximus IV is the better one when it comes to overclocking matters .
I also would like to know if the Maximus hands the GPU / Audio / Rams better or not ?/

thank you for reading ,
appreciating all helpful comments .
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  1. it also says on the Asus website the the P8P67 does NOT support SLi Multiple GPU setup , does that mean i cannot add for example a pair of gtx 580 ?
  2. First of all..if you plan on using multiple video cards..this platform should be avoided..either wait for bulldozer or lga 2011...

    And please don't think about the maximus i4 extreme..complete waste of money, period..on a mainstream platform that motherboard has no business being around... priced more than a Rampage 3 extreme and not as good..c'mon...it's not worth it! And the 2600k isn't your only choice..the 2500k overclocks extremely well..you can get up to 4.6ghz on air...

    And if you must go on this platform, don't get the P8P67..it's a decent board..but only has crossfire...I would recommend the p8p67 EVO, Deluxe, or if your going to use multiple video cards..The WS Revolution because of the NF200 chip.. Take a look at the benchmarks for a 980x and a 2500k processor..I think you'll be pleasantly surprised..


    Isn't it funny how this 200 dollar chip keeps up with this 1000 dollar one?
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