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Ok, i know alot of people here really look for low response times in monitors for best gamming.. my question is this.

I have never really played Computer Games because my computer is a piece of flamming sh!t... with that in mind..

if i do buy an lcd and when i start playing games heavily... will I personally notice any defects .. being that im not even used to the superior gameplay of a CRT? So in my situation if i get an lcd, would i think its great for gamming... or this response time issue is really noticeable i won't wanna play games on it... if anything i was going with someting @ 25ms.. or the hitachi @ 16ms

my choices are either the 170t samsung, viewsonic vg171, or the hitachi with 16ms

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  1. You planning on getting the LCD with your comp?

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  2. sup flame...

    well i started to order the new system, cause i can't wait for the damn Claw anymore..

    decided to go with this

    Asus nForce2 mobo
    1 GB of Corsair XMS ...either pc3200 or 2700.. i don't plan on overclocking.
    Lian Li pc case
    lite-on 52X cd-rw
    9700pro graphics

    so around Feb i am going for the LCD

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  3. Get the PC2700 cause anything higher won't be utilized...also, when r u ordering the vid card, proc, and mobo? I'm telling u, u're gonna kick yourself. Well since ur getting the LCD in feb, wait to see what comes out then, and if nothign special, get the CMl174 imo. Yes, you will notice ghosting even though you don't play many games right now, cause it'll ghost on other things too.

    "If everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough."
    - Mario Andretti
  4. hey flame, you state "I'm telling u, u're gonna kick yourself." are you suggesting that its not worth putting together a pc at the moment? cuz i was going to put together a system too. y, is there something you think thats worth waiting for?

    or maybe i just misunderstood you. thanks.
  5. Well, the Geforce FX is supposed to be available in Feb.
  6. I tend to buy technology right when it's new- currently my system us a 1.2Ghz T-Bird, GF3 and it's 2 years old and still runs every game fine (even Doom3 @ 50FPS). My advise is to wait for the GF FX (I know that R9700 is out and is new tech, but I just have a lot more trust in NV since their cards haven't failed me (and their drivers r great- I mainly use betas and edit them sometimes, all is rock solid). As for Ati, I have found their drivers to be poor in many cases- several friends have had numerous issues and finally gone NV. In addition, from what I have seen and read, Gf FX will be faster than R9700 and some of its features look very promising. The Gf4 series btw are just faster gf3's essentially, so imo they're not to great to buy cause they don't have much life in em (if I oc my Quadro DCC (opengl optimized Gf3) I get Ti4200 performance, and at regular speeds my OpenGL performance is bettr than a Ti4600's...). That said, in terms of processors the AMD hammers will be out, and they too look very very promising. In a nutshell, imo, if u put a top of the line system now, it'll be phased out pretty soon, where as waiting will get u a system that'll be good for like 2 years.

    "If everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough."
    - Mario Andretti
  7. I really don't see the point in the clawhammer at this moment..

    #1 how much fast can it actually be @ running 32-bit applications then a topnotch system.. nforce2 asus and the xp2800+?

    #2 No 64-bit applications out right now...so why do i need that cpu?

    #3 also it's going to be a new technology, i know there is probley going to be many conflicts with certain stuff.. hardware/software related..

    #4 i don't wanna put together a insane system(if this claw hammer is even gonna be that good) and then have some sick conflicts to deal with

    #5 the PRICE... How much is this sh!t going to be.. IMO 400$ for a processor is more then enough.. (yes i know it just came out) BUT I BEEN WAITING FOR MONTHS AND MONTHS now... no F*cking way am i gonna wait another few months for that CPU to come down.

    #6 the clawhammer is gonna be a new Socket right?... means new mobo technology = i will have to wait for a bunch of reviews on those boards, and i also wanna talk to people with the product before i shell out around 700$ for cpu/mobo.

    #7.. I basically Upgrade my WHOLE system every 2 yrs.. i start from scratch.. So i think personally it's better for me to Build a topnotch system.. that i know Performs rocksolid... cause of a sh!t load of reviews on the products, and i also got to talk to many people and there experience using the product.. THEN waiting the 2 yrs and then go for the new 64-bit setup... rather then Jumping to it right away and being the guini-pig with this thing...

    #8. what happened last time with AMD.. there was so much dam hype around the forum and everything about there new THOROUGHBRED CORE! ohh wow... IMO that was a discrace.. everybody was saying oh man it's gonna be so much better and everything, mean while when Tomshardware did the reviews, it basically wasn't stunning @ all.

    so i don't want to get ahead of myself here and think the same sh!t again with the clawhammer... yeah.. everybody on here is saying
    "OH MAN the CLAWHAMMER is gonna RECK THE PENTIUM and all this sh!t"
    but this could be a complete disasster..at first...

    #9.. NO 64-bit WINDOWS os yet..right? so then again 64-bit cpu? 32-bit OS running all 32-bit applications? hmmmm... now do i really need the 64-bit setup that badly where it's gonna Destroy the xp2800 in benches? I think not... If im wrong.. then i will sweat it out and build a new system as soon as possible..

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  8. Hammer uses x86-64, and is fully compatible with 32- bit apps. It gets around a 20% performance increase when in 64 bit mode. In 32 bit mode, picture it as an athlon, just much more efficient per clock cycle, with greater floating point and integer calculation abilities. Compared to an XP2800, it'll give it a good wooping, and I doubt there will be many (if any) software issues, given that its still based on x86. It's up to you, I myself intend to get a 2 or 4 processor system soon as it hits XP 4000 or higher.

    "If everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough."
    - Mario Andretti
  9. Yeah i know it's fully compatible with 32-bit apps.. What good is 20% performance increase gonna do to me on 64-bit applications.. when i don't own any... and none are even out!... the only applications i use are office xp.. ONCE in a bluemoon for school... other then that NONE.... Also the Price of the product... for what ever it's gonna cost.. i don't it will be worth it in performance compared to the 2800+ all the other applications i use.. like Photoshop and stuff are just for fun messing around with stuff... and thats hardly ever..

    i will wait till the claw comes out and see how it does... if its as good as you think it will be.. then in a yr or soo i'll get a new 64-bit system...

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