New AM3 build, but board is still undecided

Hi guys I'm starting a new build very soon and it is my first build so I kinda need some help. I was planning on buying the ASUS M4A89GTD PRO/USB3 with a Phenom II 955BE and a 2GBx2GB set of Mushkin 996826. I am a like shaky on the board as I have read that it only supports dedicated gpus with less than 1200 shader units. Can some confirm that this true/false? Thanks.
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  1. ^ From where did you get that info ??
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    It's definately false, and that is a really nice board that will support Xfire at 8x/8x.

    In fact the specs you have listed are very good, you won't be disappointed.
  3. Thanks, let's hope I put it to good use. I plan to use an Nvidia card in it, maybe the GTX 460 if it's good when it cones out. I don't like how much hastle ATI drivers take, and when I've uses them they're very sketchy with stability, but that was probably a different issue. There's one other problem, thought. This board has the 4+4 pin CPU power plug on it, and my PSU only has one of these. I'll be fine, right?
  4. I also heard the 1200 shader units thing on the Neweggcustomer review page. I was pretty sure that it wasn't correct, as a lot of people don't have their facts straight on the customer reviews page.
  5. If your PSU only has a 4 pin power connector for the CPU yes it's going to be a problem. The 955 requires a 4+4 or 8 pin
  6. Well my psu is the coolermaster extreme power duo 650w, and it says: 4 pin x 1 CPU+12V Connector. The mobo specs list the port Is 1 x 8-pin ATX 12V Power connector, but 4 pins are covered by a place protector plate, and four are not. I thought that this may still be compatible. Guess not?
  7. It depends on the wattage of the CPU, as this power wire is specifically for the CPU power. Under 95W can handle just a 4 pin, but your is 125W and needs 8 pins.

    Buy one of these :)
  8. Good idea but how exactly does that converter cable give more power than the regular 4 pin connector?
  9. Because it has 8 pins that actually tap more power from the PSU. At a 650W PSU you have plenty of power, but by only plugging a 4 pin into the motherboard, it limits how much power the motherboard asks for. I hope that makes sense.
  10. It does, thanks, but that just makes me wonder about system stability and all. This could have been a bit of a setback but you may have just saved me from having to buy a new psu :) I will probably eventually pick up a Corsair 750HX as a replacement.
  11. Might I suggest an OCZ 700W PSU. It has glowing reviews from and

    It's modular, and 700W and only costs 59.99 after Mail in Rebate.

    Happy Link!
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  13. Thanks for the suggestion, I will definitely take a look at it!
  14. Enjoy your build, if you have any problems come back and we'll gladly help!
  15. Will do. Thanks!
  16. Well, if your so eager to help, then maybe you could help out with my other problem ? :) Thanks!
  17. Check the thread, just commented on it.
  18. It appears it does
  19. Ok so now I need to know: what are the differences between the 890FX/890GX/790FX chipsets? (Comparing 890FX vs. 890GX, and 890FX vs. 790FX)

  20. Ok so now I need to know: what are the differences between the 890FX/890GX/790FX chipsets? (Comparing 890FX vs. 890GX, and 890FX vs. 790FX)

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