HD5850 + connecting to HDMI screen problem

I've recently recived a second screen(technicly, took it from my sister who wont be home for the next year )
it only has VGA Input.

so i unplugged the DVI(as the card only has 1 DVI, 1 HDMI and 1 DP ) and connected my current screen (24" Samsung SyncMaster 2494hs) useing HDMI.

CCC reconized HDMI, and while my computer said it was 1920x1080, the screen had borders useing 1080p in settings.

overscan did fill up the screen, but the text, and visual were looking VERY wierd, so through CCC i went to where 1080p was selected, and insted of HDTV i selected Basic screen, but the highest resolution there was 1680x1050.

is there a way for me to use the HDMI connection and still get 1920x1080 on my screen? if not, and i keep my main screen connected through DVI - how can i connect my other screen to the computer?(is there HDMI->VGA connector at all? i have never used a DP port before, so not sure about that one either)

the card specificly: MSI ATI Radeon HD 5850 Twin Frozer II 1024MB PCIe

Current Main screen: 24" Samsung SyncMaster 2494hs
Secondary Screen: 19" Acer AL1916W
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  1. there is dvi to hdmi but why do you need that for?
    did you know that dvi cable is even better than hdmi?
  2. im trying to get 2 screen setup to work.
    because my 2nd screen(Acer AL1916W) only has VGA input, i have to use the DVI with convertor for that one. (that or find a magical dp->analog or hdmi->analog, wich im not sure even possible)

    leaving my main screen with 2 ports, one of them being DP, one HDMI, and the screen(samsung syncmaster 2494hs) has HDMI.
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