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A friend wants to upgrade his Dell machine to 4GB of RAM. He has an Intel q6600 processor on a Dell 0YU822 motherboard. Can you give me some advice on what RAM he should get for ~$100? I'm not sure what RAM he currently has, but I'm thinking he will need to buy 4GB because I doubt the RAM he has will work with other RAM, but correct me if I'm wrong. Keep in mind, he does play games.


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  1. Well, as it is a q6600 then I would assume the motherboard requires DDR2. The common speed for such would be 800mhz, so I would say something like this is what he wants
    G Skill DDR2 - $89.99

    However, I need to ask - what Operating System is he using? Only 64bit will make full use of 4gb RAM
    How much RAM does he currently have? If he is on a 32bit Operating System then 2gb is all he really needs and will unlikely see much peformance gain from more.
  2. Well I did some research and Crucial has a page that tells you what RAM will work with different OEM computers. Is that G.Skill better than Crucial Ballistix?
  3. I guess it depends on personal opinion, personally I think G Skill is one of the best quality brands and have a decent price to go with it.
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