ECC Memory in P7P55 LX


Just wondering if any of you guys can help me.

I recently bought a Core I5 with P7P55 LX Mobo.

I had some 10600R memory (Regestered ECC 2GB) x 2.

This works ok in my system, however I recently aquired a couple of 4GB 10600R (again Registered ECC) DIMMS and for some reason the pc wont boot with these.

I first thought it was due to ECC registered but after some hoking around on the net and also trying the 2GB DIMMS i believe this not to be the case.

Can anybody claify (could it be volatges)?

Thanks in advance, appreciate any feedback at all.
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  1. What are the voltages on the "free" RAM?
  2. Noworldorder said:
    What are the voltages on the "free" RAM?

    Hi sorry for not replying before.

    Thanks a million for your reply.

    The votages are i believe 1.5v.

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