New PSU needed

I need a new psu but Im not sure what I need.
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  1. What is your specs? (eg. CPU/GPU/Mobo)
  2. Please excuse me as Im not computer minded what I can tell you is that I have a Dell NH493 psu (305w) which has 1 x p1, 1 x p2, 1 x p3, 1 x p5, 1 x p7 1 x 8, 1 x p9 and 1 x p10. My graphics card is saying I dont have enough power. Do all the psu's have the same connectors.
  3. I think he means.....what CPU and video card do you have?
    It will be the video card that determines how much power you need.
  4. Yes, for the most part.
    Did you put in a new Graphics card? If so you you have a picture or link for it.
  5. Hello and Welcome to the forums :)

    Which Graphic card do you have?

    How do you came to know that it ain't providing enough power?
  6. No its not new we have had it for sometime now, its only just lately when we turn the computer on it says we dont have enough power, but havent added anything else to consume power. We have a Geforce 8600gt Card and the computer is AMD Athlon TM 64x2dual core processor 4200+ 2.2ghz
  7. With just a GeForce 8600GT your Dell 305W PSU should have plenty of power to run that card.
    As you've mentioned it didn't have any problems in the past.

    I'd try taking the video card out of the slot and re-seating the card. That alone might fix the problem.
    Have you cleaned out the inside of your case recently?
  8. Yup, 305W for a Athlon X2 + 8600GT is enough, I run a 5200+ and an 8600GT with a crappier Bestec and it runs fine.

    Clean the Computer out and reset the BIOS using the jumpers and see if it works. Its most likely a wonky Dell BIOS.
  9. I'll try taking it out and re-seating it. Its shouldnt be that dusty inside it wasnt that long ago we cleaned it but I will try that too. My hubby is the one that uses that computer and for video editing and he has just said it hasnt been working right for a very long time. Now he tells me. Do all psu have the same connectors or do they vary?
  10. There are some variations - but the basic connections to the motherboard are standard.
    Dell is using standard PSUs these days. But you should list the model of your Dell for us just so we can check to make sure you don't have one of the older types that non-standard PSUs.

    There is a really good deal going on now with the Antec NEO ECO 400C 400W
    $45 before a $10 rebate. And a $5 off promo code till Sept 8th. Also free shipping.
    That could take your final cost down to $30 for a strong 400W CPU with 30Amps of +12V power that would support a really nice gaming video card upgrade.
  11. You might want to check on the inside of the video card slot - small debris - even a dust bunny or two, might interfere with the gold contact points and limit the amount of power getting to the video card.
    Check those gold contacts for obvious damage or other blemishes, on the card or in the slot.
  12. We have a Dell Dimension E521
  13. The Dell Dimension E521s use a standard ATX power supply.

    Also keep in mind that it might be the video card that is about the fail, and not a PSU problem.
  14. Oh I hope not. But I will remove it and clean and keep my fingers crossed. So do you think it would benefit from more power. It keeps saying it needs it.
  15. It could be the PSU having a problem. It could be the video card going bad. It could be a problem delivering the power through the motherboard into the video card slot.
    I'd hate to see you buy a new PSU when it's the video card that is bad.
  16. Your Current PSU should easily power that card.. maybe the card is going bad... Can you check it in another PC?
  17. Afraid not its the only pc in the house, the rest of us have laptops.
  18. cheryl49 said:
    Afraid not its the only pc in the house, the rest of us have laptops.

    Do you know anyone, *more tech savy if possible* that could let you put in your graphics card to see if it works?
  19. No, my mates are probably more dumber than me, hehe. If the cleaning and re-installing dont work it might be cheaper for me to buy a new psu and see if that solves the error message rather than a new graphics card as that's going to be more expensive.
  20. Hi All,

    I just want to thank everyone who offered help with my problem which is now solved. I did clean and re-installed my graphics card but it didnt work. So I bought a more powerful psu and low and behold the error message has stopped and the picture whilst editing has improved. So thanks once again problem solved.
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