Intel robson not showing in bios need help

hi maybe someone on here might have the answer i'm looing for....

i've been looking through my quick user guide and it shows that when i get to the bios screen.... it has a feature called intel robson, now i'm not too sure why but i've been into my bios and it's not showing, maybe it's because i have the latest bios installed which is 3.4version......

my only guess is that it's only available for the first release bios that the mainboard would have been shipped with, and if thats the case that i flash back to the first release... will i get any complications with the 1tb hard drive i've installed into my system and also when i go to upgrade my cpu to the quadcore version...

i do hope someone can help me here.....

as i'm puzzled to why it shows it in the manual and i dont have it visable in my bios screen...Thank you :)
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  1. It's pretty hard to answer your question when you don't tell us your mother board manufacturer and model!!!
    Please list you system components cpu,mobo,ram,etc.....
  2. hi..

    Sorry. it's an msi p45 neo2 mainboard...

    hopefully that will help you
  3. Intel "Robson"!?!? Never heard of anything like that. What is this feature supposed to do?
  4. I just googled it and there is a technology from intel called is the link (one of many..)
    Hope this helps...JQ
  5. Ah yes. Another failed technology like "ReadyBoost" and others.

    OP: Do you have the Intel "Robson" card installed in your system? If not, it likely won't show in the BIOS.
  6. I think in win7 they refined it into the now "ready Boost"...
    I'm not sure if it works the same but...who knows!
    I've never tried ready boost as I only have 1 jump drive and I use it for music in my van!..
    Hope this helps....JQ
  7. ReadyBoost doesn't appear in the BIOS -- it's simply Windows using a USB stick as cache memory. For people with 4GB of RAM or more, ReadyBoost provides no benefit at all. Evidently the performance benefits of Robson weren't enough either, or perhaps it was too expensive or something.
  8. Ya ..I just tried t with an 8GB jump drive and saw no benefit at all....POS!
  9. Hi Everyone...
    first off...

    no i dont have he card installed and secondly, if thats the case then i wont bother with even thinking about it..... but anyway thank you all for your help on this subject, it seems that i got more input from here than msi directly, so once again guys.....thank you :)
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