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Hey Guys, I'm new in town but I'd thought id ask for your 2 cents on the build I'm planning. I'm on a tight budget of £1200 and the components are as follows:

NZXT Gamma Case
Corsair HX750 psu
AMD Phenom II x6 1055T
Asrock 890GX extreme 3 mobo
2 Radeon HD5770's in CrossfireX
8GB Corsair MHz DDR3 RAM
Windows 7 Ultimate
Corsair H50 CPU cooler
2 X 120mm fans
2 X 140mm Fans
Samsung F3 1TB Drive
BenQ 22" HD monitor
Samsung WriteMaster DVD/RW drive
Aerocool Fan Controller

What do we think?

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  1. Do you recon you could fill out the post below?
    Gives us an idea on usage, and what you want in the future?
  2. I would say:

    1. 23-24" Full HD instead of 22"
    2. Just the one HD 5850
    3. Asrock 880GExtreme3 every bit as good as its 890GX cousin cept with slightly inferior IGP (irrelevant in your case)
    4. I would pick either of these casings
    a. NZXT Hades
    b. Cooler Master 922
    either has great cooling and fits longish GPUs like Hemlock HD 5970
    5. Tight budget and if apps not memory intensive 4GB DDR3 is fine for mainly gaming rig
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