WD Green 1TB at 5MB/sec (write) - Finding the bottleneck...


I have a WD10EARS which has always been running slow since I installed it (2010). It is plugged in a Intel FW82801GBM ICH Chipset (ICH7-M).

Write speed: 5.5MB/sec according to HD Tune Pro

A file benchmark showed that its alble to reach 95MB/sec on read (with a min of 10MB/sec).

It is a very unfortunate problem.
Could you help me to find the bottleneck please?
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  1. (1) Put the drive in a USB 3.0 enclosure and perform the same write test. This will use a different driver and a different controller.

    (2) If your data are not important, then perform an ATA Secure Erase. This differs from a zero-fill because the procedure is executed internally by the drive, without the need to send any data over the SATA interface. Therefore the drive's write performance will not depend on the motherboard's SATA controller, or anything external to the drive.
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