Looking for Good 256gb SSD or Two 128GB SSD in Raid 0

Hey all I am building a new rig and have been looking at different SSD reviews. As mentioned in the Thread title I am looking for a good SSD. Now I know I can go right over to newegg and grab and OCZ Agility for $100. Nothing wrong with those drives as they are a top seller. But I am Looking for a 256GB drive or 2 128Gb Drives with better real world sequential Write Speeds with some decent Software to Handle Garbage Collection. Just wondering if i can get some guys that have used SSD's a lot to chime in as I have not. If you guys are telling me that the OCZ Agility is the best SSD then that's what ill look at but the way SSD's have been going there has to be one out there a bit faster for just a bit more money. Any help is appreciated.
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  1. If you decide to go with a Raid 0 setup make sure you have and implement a good backup plan. If one drive fails in a Raid O configuration you lose everything. I only have experience with Intel and Patriot SSDs. Intel, Samsung and Mushkin have good reputations and get good reviews.
  2. 1) Agility 3 is not a real SATAIII SSD which use the asynchronous ONFi NAND. That means it is like the SATAII SSD. So it is not the best SSD.

    2) like Kenrivers said if you use the raid0 one drive gone and all you data gone with wind.

    3) If you is well organized person and do the regular backup, then you maybe use raid0.

    4) I will recommend get the big size one like samsung, M4, intel, Kingston HyperX 3K, and Mushkin Chronos Deluxe (DX, not MX in the model #).
  3. Putting SSDs in RAID0 is a bad idea if you don't have an Intel 7 series chipset. TRIM support is essential and the performance gained from RAID-0 is not noticeable.

    Thus, I recommend a single 240+GB SSD such as the Mushkin Chronos Deluxe 240, Samsung 830, OCZ Vertex 4, Intel 500 series, or Kingston HyperX
  4. intel, samsung 830, Crucial m4
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