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Hello, Im hoping someone can help me out. I turned my pc on today and my monitor showed nothing, so I took the cable out the graphics card and put it on the onboard graphics instead and now I have a picture. After checking the device manger I noticed that my separate graphics card is not showing. Just my onboard one, my drivers are all up to date as is my bios.

My card is 512mb DDR2 nvidia GeForce 7800GS - TV out - DVI - PCIe (256mb SMA) this is no longer showing or being detected by the hardware manager So ive got my monitor connect to the onboard mobo which is ASUS M2NPV-VM, AM2 GeForce 6150+nforce 430, PCIe, 1394, Gbe - Micro ATX

I hadnt done anything just turned off my pc yesterday and then turned it on today and now this
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  1. That is an elderly card, it may have just been its time. If you have the ability to test another card, to check if its the slot, that might help diagnose. Or your PSU gave up, the card is too much for it, and the system can only run when the card power draw is taken off the PSU.
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