Wifi or Wired for World of Warcraft?

I was wondering if aWiFi or Wired connection would be better for WoW. If i was to choose the Wifi, my whole family could use it and its cheaper, but if its not as reliable then i would just suck it up and buy the more expensive modem. Im just worried with lagging and the such with WiFi and WoW (Im building a mid to medium high gaming rig and i want to get the most out of my graphics). Will i see any decrease of performance if I choose a faster router such as the one below (125 isnt all that fast, but my modem maxes at 100)?

I have this router for Wifi:


But i need a PCI card, or USB if cheaper with the same reliablity. I was looking at these:


Or should i just suck it up and get a wired connection-I have ATT 'High Speed' so i'd need somthing that would be compatible... And if I get a new modem, is my plan maxed out at the 100mbps if my modem does? Im really not good with the internet side of computers :).

Thanks Ahead!
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  1. Will the USB adapter slow the connection down at all or would it be benificial to get the usb? I like the portiblity compared to the PCI, but are the PCI more reliable or faster?
  2. Another problem is my modem- the Speedstream 4100 overloads when i play WoW at 100mbps Full or Half Duplex so I had to turn it down to 10mbps Full.
    ~Does this have any noticable effect on wireless or gaming at all?
    ~Since im at 10mbps should i just go for the 54mpbs router?
    ~Is there any way to fix this problem (Besides turning the speed down)... It seems to be a common problem, but there is NO fix (Besides turning the speed down)... It has been driving me nuts!
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