Piggy back linksys and Actiontech Routers

Can a Verizon Actiontech Router be piggybacked with an Linksys Router.
Reason: extend the wireless range with the Linksys Router.

Changing to Verizon for my internet service I found there Router to be unreliable. I switched over to my personal Linksys router and found the service to be better then my local cable provider. When television service became available through Verizon I decided to switch over as a package deal. Not realizing that I would be required to use there router which is an Actionteck. The internet speed seemed to be about the same but the wireless service was reduced to a little more the one room from where the Actiontech Router was located. A subcontractor from Verizon came by yesterday to piggyback my Linksys router with the Verizon Actiontech router. He was in and out within a very short time and my three laptop computers via a wireless connection seemed to be working correctly but we never checked my office desktop which is hardwired to the Verizon Actiontech Router. Later that day going to use the Desktop I found the internet connection was freezing with a network error message. Disconnecting the Linksys Router the Desktop began to work again. Another note is it seemed the internet speed was greatly reduced connecting wirelessly into the Linksys Router now piggybacked to the Actiontech router as compared to when I used the Linksys Router alone.
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  1. Followed the directions for the netgear router. Linksys and Actiontech router piggybacked working perfectly together. Thanks for the great information.
    Both routers in the same location. The linksys router is giving me wireless coverage through out the house while the Actiontech will only provide wireless coverage a little better then the room it is located in.
  2. The Netgear article is aimed at adding a wireless router to a non-wireless router -- thus it doesn't cover the issue of channels. I would assume you'd want both wireless routers on the same channel to enable roaming -- but (logically?) there may be interference issues if they are not sufficiently far apart.
  3. Yes, this is true. I am not concerned with roaming but more with each router conflicting or interfering with each other. I am using both routers for wireless connections at the same time to the internet. Two laptops of course. I have not checked which channels the routers are set on but everything seems to be working well so I would think there is no conflict with my routers or other routers I can see in the area.
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