Help with RAID 0 Corsair Force GTs alongside an HDD and another SSD

I currently have 1 Corsair Force GT 120GB, 1 WD Caviar Black 1TB, and 1 OCZ Vertex 2 60GB. I plan to buy another matching Force GT for RAID 0. I have never set up a RAID array before so I have a bunch of questions.

First is TRIM support. I guess with intel based system there is the intel RST which supports TRIM for SSD RAID, but what is the situation with AMD systems? I can't seem to find much information regarding this. Is TRIM really that important?

Second thing is mobo support. The M4A89GTD does support RAID 0, so I know that I will be okay there, but I am wondering if I can still connect my other two (the Vertex and WD) alongside the array of Corsairs. It looks to me in the manual (download link - 3-13 is storage config and 4-14 is RAID) like I will be able to run the WD and Vertex on SATA Port 5 and Port 6, but the only issue would be the fact that the two ports share a SATA type, while the WD requires IDE, and the Vertex prefers AHCI. So is it possible to run the WD in AHCI mode or would I just let the Vertex run in IDE mode? Hopefully someone understands what I mean, because I sure am confused.

Third thing is cloning. I am positive I want to avoid a fresh OS install at all costs, so I am going the cloning route. Since I will not be able to use an optical drive with the storage setup I have planned, I was thinking about just creating a system image with Clonezilla on a USB. I have been recommended Acronis TrueImage, but I prefer to go the free route ;). Has anyone got any experience using Clonezilla? Since this will be a hardware level RAID setup I think it should work out, but I am just double checking. Will I run into any odd problems with alignment when cloning from a single SSD to the RAID configuration? I should also mention that my current OS drive is the Corsair (one of the two for RAID).

And last thing is just general tips/anything I missed. Do I need special drivers for RAID? If so, will I still be able to flash the old system image to the array without any problems? A lot of these might be silly questions but this is my first attempt at configuring RAID and I want to make sure things will go as planned. Any help at all will be greatly appreciated. :D
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  1. No one has an answer to any of these questions? :(
  2. u can connect all, set it all into raid mode, then configure 2 drives to work together. forget ide, thats for optical dirves.
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