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I have a ASUS Ati 5870 and is 6months old, which has been working great up until now... i was playing Metro 2033 for about 10minutes (is not the first time playing this game) and then all of a sudden the screen goes green with blocks and lines, and hangs..
i switch off the machine and 2 hours later i come back and switch it on again, now the screen is not posting, just black.

I have 2 screens which i tested, i then tested on HDMI/DVI
i then re seated the card on 3 different PCI slots, still nothing

I then unplugged all drives and cd-roms and still nothing.

I have a 850W Corsair PSU, i7 920, 2x3Gb Corsair XMS RAM, Asus P6T Mobo..

Please advise what has gone wrong and what else i can do.

Thanks guys
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  1. Bump

    Please i need some advice on this
  2. Did the card overheat and burn out? I had a heatsink fall off my card once (bad glue or something) and it died within minutes. Do a visual inspection of the card. Is it getting any power, ie. are there fans on it that are meant to spin up and don't?
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