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hello all
I have been scouring the net for a good reviews of the new Intel H61 chipset for Sandy bridge.

so far i have been unable to find any review good or bad , on this chipset despite , motherboards based on this chipset being available for weeks.

can anyone here help me find out the reviews?
I have order for couple of SB based PCs to make and i have to work with very limited budget if want make decent profit, but i cant spoil my reputation if give them substandard product, so I need more info on this chip-set.
please help me.
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  1. All the info is available at

    It's a cheap, low power, budget motherboard that allows you to use s1155 cpu's on-cpu graphics, or a video card if you like.
  2. that info I have reaqd, but i need more info in the form of reviews.
    it seems that no one is interested in entry level mobos these days.
    the problem for me is that H61 mobos are the only ones available here in india below $100. h67 mobos dont start below $140.(intel).
    and the customer for whom i am building this PC for only cares for the CPU and budget . he dont care what mobo or HDD OR ram is in there.
    he heard somewhere that intel SB is the best peice of hardware that is latest(true) and gave me order to build him the cheapest possible rig.

    the reecommended budget is just $550.
    and he prefers Core i5 2300 if i can fit it in that budget.

    tentative config is cpu/mobo/4gb ram/500gb hdd/20" LCD/mouse+kb/case/dvdrw.
    now you tell me how i am supposed to fit all these in even if i give the cheapest possible parts?
  3. Well I'm not sure what kind of reviews you want. I have one and I like it. It was very cheap, $59.

    If you want to read some reviews go to and look at the customer reviews on the H61 motherboards.

    I don't know Indian prices but in American Dollars you could definitely NOT do it under $550, not with a monitor.

    What does he use the computer for? You could drop down to a i3-2100, it's a fast dual core with hyperthreading meaning it acts as a quad core in certain applications.
  4. he's looking to play light gaming and movies. some productivity work. also hes kids will start gaming on it in year or so..
    i am trying to work in core i5 in there as i am getting some nice prices in hdd/ram/case.
    i have wd 500gb hdd in $35. transcend 4gb ddr3 1333mhz ram@ $37. cases with smps @ $30 - 40. and he wont care about these things aslong as he can read Intel Core i5 2300 label. i can even press him for another $50, if i can add core i5 in there. i have a definite prices for cpu as follows:
    core i3 2100 : $135.
    core i5 2300: $200.

    Intel DH67BL-b3:$135.
    Gigabyte H61M-USB3-B3 $110.
    Gigabyte H61M-D2-B3 : $90.

    so you can see where i am going
  5. Yeah well hdd/ram/case is cheap, it's the other parts that aren't. Those are high prices for those mobo's. Cpu prices aren't too bad, a little high.

    What about a video card, if he's gaming he's gonna need that. You can add another $180-200 for that.
  6. if he needs a video card he will buy one later.
    i have told him that if he needs a to play heavy games then he will need a video card and for that he needs to set aside atleast $200 for a decent one.(gtx460 se is nearly available at that rate here)
    only hd5770 is available starting @ $170. in the local market. nything below that and you can forget decent gaming @ 1600x900 res.
  7. H61 is a very basic business-oriented chipset that doesn't have any SATA3 6Gbps ports or USB3 ports standard. Some of the more expensive H61 boards do add those ports in.

    H61 boards will work just fine for someone who only cares that they have an iX-2XXX CPU. They are basic, and they perform reliably. That's really all you need to know.
  8. I m pretty sure that no USB3.0 product is on the way that my customer is going to buy on in the next 2-3 years. especially if its priced more then USB 2.0 product.
    will this mobo let him extract good performance from core i5(if i decide to pair it up)?
    or will it turn out to be a bottle neck?
    and he may decide to go for a graphics card in a year or so, will it have ample performance for that?

    I am still trying to find another decent mobo in H67 range.
    Gigabyte H67M-D2-B3 seems to be front runner
    oh well will see when i go to the mrket tommorrow
  9. I hear the H61 has less pci lanes but it's definitely not hurting my performance. I'm scoring much higher in 3d benchmarks with my 3.1ghz i3-2100/H61 than I did with my Q6600 at 3200mhz.

    The H67 does not have pci limitations.
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    H61 has enough PCIe lanes for one PCIe x16 graphics card, so no worries there. It can't do SLI or CrossFire though.

    The H61 chipset won't be a bottleneck, even if you chose an i7-2600 CPU.
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  12. Go for it. What are you worried about? The only thing you have to make sure is that you get a B3 revision motherboard. That is the only thing to worry about.
  13. I have this Motherboard ( DH61WW) with i5........good perfomance
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