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AMD 6000+ Temps

My AMD Athlon 64 X2 is running at 3.105Ghz overclocked, and the temps are on average 57C. I know this is a 125W CPU, but are these temps normal? Also the case is well ventilated with 2 120mm fans and 1 80mm fan, and stock 6000+ CPU heatsink/fan.

Edit: The 2 120mm fans are 1 at the side panel as exhaust, 1 at the front for intake, and the 80mm is in the rear as intake. Also my room is about 75F and the case is in the open.
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  1. average 57C?
    Is that idle @ 57C or operating under load, like gaming, @ 57C?
    That 57C is nothing to be concerned about and if it's 57C while gaming it's a very good result with the stock cooler.
  2. 57C at idle. So is it just the TDP thats causing the temps? Also under load it's max from HWMonitor is 64C while running a stress test from Prime95. If this is still good when should I be worried?
  3. AMD website is showing a Max Temps 55-63C range for the Athlon X2 6000+.
    Running Prime95 @ 64C means your average operating temps will be lower, and you're in a safe range.
  4. What does HWMonitor show for CPU fan speed @ idle?
  5. About 2600 RPM @ idle.

    Edit: SRY, but which is the CPU fan again? FANIN0 or FANIN1? Cannot remember for the life of me. Cause FANIN0 is 4500 RPM @ idle. Also is 63C under load, ok for an overclocked Radeon HD 4770? I oc'ed all the way ati overdrive would let me.
  6. It will be the fan that changes as the CPU workload increases.
    Probably Fan 0. And 4500RPM at idle isn't good... not good at all.
    Your cooler is keeping your CPU out of the 'real danger' zone but its working much hard than should be necessary.

    Lets take everything (CPU and GPU) back to stock speeds and take some more temp measurements.

    63C is OK for an max OC'd HD 4770 video card.
  7. OK, under load the max of the CPU is still 64C. Under load the GPU is 61C. And this is all stock speeds. Idle the CPU is 54C, with the fan at 4900 RPM!! And the GPU is 59C at idle.

    EDIT: Nevermind, the CPU is back down to 53C idle, with the fan at 4600 RPM?!
  8. What are the current ambient temps (room) temps?
  9. about 70F to 75F.
  10. I think you need to start looking at better cooling options.
  11. Ok, got any recommendations? I am also getting a Cooler Master Sniper AMD Dragon case.
  12. My 6000+ at stock runs between 32c-43c idle.
  13. With the CM Storm Sniper you have your choice of any of the tall CPU coolers.
    Have an idea how much you want to spend on the cooler?

    Here are a couple good ones: CM Hyper 212+ / Tuniq Tower 120
  14. I'm leaning towards the Tuniq Tower Extreme. Any more good ones in that price range?
  15. Yes, here are a few good choices @ FrostyTech. A Top10 list with reviews (lists for Intel and AMD so check the right one).
    Also close to top end of that range is the Corsair H50 Hydro... a self contained water cooler kit.
  16. Noctua NH-U12P SE2 is another good better - dual fans. Just out of stock at NewEgg ATM.
  17. Is the Corsair H50 really that good? Cause I actually like it. Also do you think it would reach the back of the case?
    Edit: Nevermind just answered my own question on it reaching the back of the case.
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    It's pretty good - but not as good as the best air coolers. Adding a 2nd fan makes a difference, both to the H50 and some of the better air coolers too. . But also raises the final price too. Corsair makes a H70 model with 2 fans in the kit.

    When you get right down to it the matter of a few degrees extra cooling might not be worth an extra $30~$40 IMO. It's not necessary to buy a cooler that is half the price of the CPU to get a good result.
  19. I would say buy the H50 if you want to invest in a good CPU cooler as well.
  20. Well the case has a 120mm rear fan, so I was just gonna connect the cooler to that with the other fan.
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