RAM randomly stopped working??

Ok so I built new computer a few days ago and it has been up and running with absolutely no problems. I wake up this morning and try to turn it on and it gives me the three beeps indicating it's not detecting my RAM. I've opened it and moved the RAM over to the other slots on the mobo and made sure they are firmly in place and it still does the same thing. I'm using an Asus P8P67 pro B3 mobo and 8gb DDR3 G-skill 1600 mhz RAM. Please help! Thanks.
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  1. Try a single stick of RAM and try another set of RAM
  2. Use the 'Blue' DIMM slots. If your G.SKILL's are 1.65v then you'll need to set the DRAM Voltage per spec if running at Rated 'XMP' Speed.

    If the RAM is 2X4GB then AI OC Tuner -> XMP and if they're 1.65v then DRAM Voltage -> 1.65v {closest value ±}

    Q - What exact G.SKILL Sets do you have installed? ; please provide a link.
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