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I'm looking to update my computer and am currently considering an HP Model HPE-350t available at Costco. Here are some stats:

Power Supply: 300W
Intel® Core­™ i7-860 Processor at 2.8GHz
8MB cache
8GB DDR3-1333MHz SDRAM memory
1GB ATI Radeon HD 5450 Graphics
Integrated 7.1 channel capable sound w/ front audio ports
Total memory slots: 4 DIMMS
1 x PCIe x16
3x PCIe x1
1x MIniCard Slot
Microsoft® Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit)

Could I install a Blu-ray in this?
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  1. Maybe. You can't really tell unless you knew what the case and motherboard are. Also, the 300W PSU might be a bit on the light side to handle everything.

    The motherboard may not have an extra SATA port or possibly even have any SATA ports. The case isn't as big of an issue as you could just replace the optical drive it comes with.

    If you absolutely want a BR drive, you should buy a prebuilt with it (or build one).
  2. Thanks,
    You're right, I'll find it pre-built.
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