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hi, I am building this new rig. I will be ready to set it up as soon as my CPU is installed (which will be in about a month). I have a Corsair Force GT 128GB refurbished and two seagate baraccuda 500GB 7200.12. Obviously, I want to install the OS on the SSD. I also want to put both HDDs in RAID 1 for speed but also because one of the HDDs is refurbished. I have a few questions about storage options and firmwares.

1. Is it possible to update the SSD firmware before installing windows? like through the bios or something like that.

2. Does the HDD firmware affects the overall performances or stability of my system? especially since it will be in RAID mode.

3.How do i update an HDD's firmware?

4.How bad is the ASmedia sataIII controller compared to the native Intel SATAIII controller? Because i have the choice to plug the HDDs in either the Intel SATAII and the SSD in Intel SATAIII OR plug the HDDs in Intel SATAIII and the SSD in ASmedia SATAIII.

Thank you all
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