Any differences between an XFX 9800GT from 2008 and an XFX 9800GT now?

I'm just wondering here whether there is a difference between my XFX 9800GT from back in 2008 and an XFX 9800GT from 2010. My card's screwed up and I have to send it for RMA but if they're gonna give me a new card, I wanna know if there's any performance increase or decrease as well as a difference in heat as mine runs at 61C idle and 82-90 on load on a 17" CRT monitor.
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  1. Well, do your card need a 6pin power connector from PSU?
    Because if you buy a 9800GT now, that card doesn't need an additional power from PSU...
    The clock has been lowered so it doesn't need an extra power, their performance will not too far away, but 9800GT with 6pin power connector would be faster than the one that doesn't have... :)
  2. Thank you. And yes wa1, it does have a 6-pin power connector. I just needed to know if the performance would vary down to the performance of a 9600 GSO 384MB DDR3(2008)(I forgot to mention that).
  3. why would the performance drop to the 9600GSO level? It should be exactly the same level of performance as long as they don't send you the Eco version of the card...
  4. The versions of the card without the power connector are slightly underclocked(55w vs 600w) This should put the performance of the card about exactly half way between the regular version of the card and a 9600GT. Supposedly you can easily put the clocks back up to and past the normal levels with an OC though so it isn't a big issue.
  5. Yeah but I'm an overclocker. Ramped up the 9800GT by 16%. It was stable but I think my old case screwed it up. It ran hot. Which reminds me, will there be any differences in heat between the eco version of the 9800GT and the regular one? And the older 9600GSO(2008) in my opinion was better than any 9600GT.
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