Need a good compact CPU heatsink/cooler

Hey guys just built my computer:
Antec 902 Case
Phenom II X4 BE
M4A79xtd evo Motherboard
2 2GD G.skill Ripjaws RAM
Sunbeam Core-contact freezer

Now here's the problem, I wanted to buy 2 more of the Ripjaws ram but the sunbeam cooler is too big and it blocks two of my RAM slots on the motherboard so I'm looking for a better and a more compact CPU heatsink out there. Price doesn't matter and I know 8gd of RAM is not necessary but I'm too much of a perfectionist that I want to fill up all those four slots with RAM. I don't want water cooling since I'm not experienced enough and I'm scared that it'll leak. Also, the Sunbeam blocks the side fan slot on the case so I can't place a 120mm fan there which kinda bugs me.
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  1. the hyper 212 plus or if u want even thinner the thermalright mux 120 both won't block any memory modules but i'd get the hyper 212 plus as it's an amazing bang for the buck and will preform equally if not better than the core contact freezer oh and before buying a new cooler try moving the fan up a little and try to put a module in and see if it works

    also this is not the right place to post this topic should've been in cooling&overclocking
  2. He's asking for advice on parts for his new build, so it's fine here.

    As mentioned the CM Hyper 212 Plus would be fine.
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