Need Help with My OS and GFX card

I have an HP a1610n and i upgraded it to Vista home premium 32bit and I had to wipe my hard drive and in doing that i lost all my Xp drivers so now every time i install a graphics card it automatically installs HDMI drivers that over ride my sound drivers. and every time i uninstall or delete the drivers it automatically re-installs them and when i re-install my Realtek drivers it over rides them again. So when I take out my Graphics card it all goes backj to normal I have my realtek audio drivers installed and I have sound back. The Graphics cards I have done this with are XFX ATi 4350 which only had an S-video connect or and a VGA and a Nvidia GT220 which had a VGA and an HDMI. I have tried wiping my hard drive again to see if either would work but they did not and i wiped my hard drive for both of them seperatley.
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  1. what I want is to be able to have a graphics card thats better then my onboard and have sound but i dont want to do it on a tv because my computer freezes when i use the tv.
  2. Have you tried setting the default output once all the drivers are installed?
  3. I got it working thanks to your help
  4. Glad to hear it mate.
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