Adding RAM issue

Ordered Kingston RAM 1G from which they matched to my Gateway. When I insert it and power back up, after the loading screen monitor fades out with pink specks. Doesn't come back up. Any ideas?
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  1. Can you give us all of your system specs to do some troubleshooting?
  2. If it POST's then the problem is probably not the RAM

    My guess would be that you touched the gfx card and damaged it , or maybe just knocked it lose when you installed the RAM .
  3. I'm thinking the same thing - the RAM wouldn't cause this problem. Either your PSU doesn't have enough power to run the extra RAM and isn't giving enough to the graphics card because of it, or something happened to the graphics card during the installation.
  4. I forgot to mention that when I put the old Ram back in it works fine.

    I have a Gateway MX3225 W/ 1.50 GHZ, 192MB RAM
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