Usb wireless adapter v. pcmcia

Alright, have a question about download speeds. Bear with me, i'll try to be as specific as possible.

So if i put my usb wireless g adapter into my desktop which is sitting right next to the router and go to download a large file (xp sp3 network install) i get around 3 MB/s. (Direct wired i get 3 MB/s)

Now, i put that same adapter into my laptop which is sitting next to the router, and do the same file, i only get 1.1 MB/s.

I also tried a PCMCIA wireless g card in the laptop and still only get the same 1.1 MB/s.

If i hook an ethernet wire from my laptop to the router, i get 3 MB/s.

I understand usually wireless speeds will be less than wired speeds. But, why would a desktop with a wireless adapter get faster speeds than a laptop with the same adapter.

Both run xp sp2.
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  1. Oddly, the wireless won't necessarily work better by being immediately next to the router. It's a physics thing, but don't ask me as I regard wireless as something of a dark art .

    A simple difference of angle or something (like your body) blocking the path can have a major effect on wireless.
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