ASUS Vento TA-M1 or AKASA Freedom Xone

I am building a pc and I can't choose between ASUS Vento TA-M1 and AKASA Freedom Xone

(500w highpower psu included)

(500w coolermaster psu included)

asus looks better but i heard that highpower psu is better than coolermaster and coolermaster's psu may not be real 500w.

i have to buy one of these models and i am stuck.

thanks in advance
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  1. Not sure on your budget, but I would go with the Asus. I have generally been very happy with Asus components over the years. Besides, not too bad looking either. The PSU should be fine unless you are stuffing a high-end GPU into the system. If that is the case, neither PSU is really a top choice.

    What other components will be going into your new system? Good luck!
  2. AKASA Freedom Xone is a great budget case (better than the Antec 300 some say) and the PSU is better.
  3. thanks for the answers.

    i am planning to buy hd 5850gpu, amd x6 1055t, asus m4a87td motherboard

    not much budget left for the case. i think asus looks way better but the psu comes with it is said to be worse than the hogpower one in akasa
  4. i found voltage and current values for the highpower psu with akasa xone. i have no understanding of these numbers

    +3.3V : 20A , +5V : 25A , +12V1 : 18A , +12V2 : 18A , -12V : 0.5A , +5Vsb : 2.5A
  5. Each pair of numbers indicates how much power is output on each of those line types. For GPUs, the +12V rails are important to ensure that they provide enough juice to the GPU. Without going into a lot of detail, the highpower PSU appears to be adequate for use with the 5850.
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