A good power pack for my home built system?

Hello all!

I have recently started a new build for my home gaming system. So far this is what I have put into my new machine;

New Ram:
Corsair 4GB (2x2GB) DDR3 1333MHz Memory Kit Unbuffered CL9

New MB:
MSI 790FX-GD70 AMD 790FX AM3 DDR3 8 channel audio ATX Motherboard

New CPU:
AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition 3.4GHz Socket AM3 8MB L3 Cache 125W Retail Box Processor

Tragically I broke my current GPU (which I was going to keep), it was a GeForce 9600GT and I scrapped it accidently while cleaning it. I broke off all the fan blades from the cooling fan with an industrial air compressor. I still have it inside my machine as I havnt ordered my new GPU yet, so I proped up the old GPU with a 'bodged' on fan to cool it. Now it idles at 52 Degrese C instead of the usual 35-40 odd.

Currently my computer will freeze randomly. It doesn't make any unusual sounds, the screen just freezes (even the mouse). My first assumption was that this was due to the graphics card overheating and shutting off to preserve itself (I think the cut off is 75 Degrese C?).

However once my computer froze when I first turned it on from cold as soon as it reached the desktop. Do you guys think this is a problem with my GC still or could it be somthing more? I am planning to order a new Power Pack because perhaps my current power pack cant handle the new quad core system. I think my current power pack is around 550watts but it is a couple of years old now.

So I guess I need help with 3 things;

1; Do you guys know of any notorious bugs or what not that could be causeing my computer to simply freeze on the spot or does it sound exactly like the graphics card is overheating?

2: I am planning to buy a new GPU and DVD drive, considering the system I already have would you guys reccomend the following two items?


MSI HD 5750 1GB GDDR5 Dual DVI HDMI Display Port Out PCI-E Graphics Card

I have my eye on this card but I thought I would run it past the proffessionals first. :)

Samsung SH-D163C 16x DVD-ROM SATA - OEM Black

DVD isnt really that important, there are over 2000 of these in stock at ebuyer so I guess they must be alright.

3: Finally what power pack would you guys suggest for this system, including the new GPU and DVD?

I am looking for somthing which has good quality and enough power to easily hold my system under load.

Thanks for reading! :D

- Tim
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  1. Personally, I'm not great with troubleshooting, so I'll leave that to someone who knows what they're doing.

    For gaming a 5750 isn't that great. What resolution are you running at?
  2. 1) Those graphics card temps are pretty high and that may be your problem but im not sure.

    2)Thats a very good GPU for the money for for a home theater system it will serve you well. Any DVD drive will work there all the same. (for the most part)

    3) As for a power supply, corsair makes great ones and there very reliable. This should be able to easily power your system.


    EDIT: I missed the "gaming" part, woops. The 5750 is a good card but for gaming a 5770 or 5830/50 will be a lot more powerful.
  3. 1. List full system specs including models numbers and preferably links.
    2. Any error codes?
    3. Are drivers, OS all up to date?
    4. Sure no virus/malrware/etc? How are you making this determination?
    5. Dl HW monitor from CPU ID, give us some temps at load.

    Fill out form in sticky, link in my sig for new build advice.
  4. If its a virus, google "spybot". The program is called spybot:search and destroy or something like that. When I get a virus, it never lets me down :D
  5. Wow such a quick response! :)

    Parcial list of system specs is above in the original post. The only things not included are the current DVD drive (which is broken) and the current power pack - I'm sorry I dont know the make / model of the current power pack. On the pack it has a sticker with "CIT Switching power supply ATX 12V P4" and on that sticker it shows a table of the various "power in / power out" numbers.

    No error codes when my computer freezes. Like I said it just stops, on the desktop, mid game, whatever I am doing. The whole screen freezes, no graphics of any kind. I dont know if the sound still works (will have to wait until next time). It doesnt re-boot my computer, I have to do that manually, I have tried waiting (in fairness, only for 2 mins) and it didnt un-freeze.

    I'm pretty sure there are no viruses. I am running windows XP fully up to date, as of yet I havnt been able to properly run the disk which came with the new Mother Board as my DVD drive is broken also (only a motor gone, but its donkeys years old now so might as well upgrade for the sake of £10).

    Currently when I first hit desktop I get a message saying new hardware (UAA High Definition Audio ?) is not installed. I try to find drivers for it but each one I try doesnt stop it from pinging me at every boot saying its new hardware. Could this be part of the problem?

    Another thing I really should have mentioned is that I will be running additional fans on this system (probably 4, relativly strong ones). At the moment its running 3 additional fans. Are you sure a 450Watt power pack will be enough? - Would having a slightly higher pack be benificial in any way?
  6. 450w will be plenty for your system
  7. Sounds like you're missing some drivers.

    Make sure all drivers are up to date. This includes chipset. Did you reinstall xp recently? If not, could be a virus is damaging drivers.

    Check temps as mentioned.

    Random freezes is often RAM related.
    DL and run Memtest for at least 8 passes.
  8. Ok so I downloaded and ran "Memtest" and it came back with "1 error found." - I stopped the testing at that point. IIRC when it comes to RAM if its not perfect then its broken. I bought the RAM brand new from Ebuyer less than 5 days ago. Could it have been somthing I did that broke it?

    What can I do about this? Should I try to send it back or is there such a thing as a RAM fixing program?

    Also how accurate is the MemTest Program?
  9. UPDATE:

    (Sorry it wouldnt let me edit my post).

    I just ran Memtest another 2 times, once with the same settings and once with the BIOS set to "Fail-Safe Defaults". Each time multiple errors were detected. Could formatting my PC help?
  10. Make sure timings and voltage has been manually set to manf specs in the BIOS.

    If you still get errors, this means is you have bad ram. Go return it and get a new kit.
  11. Also, since you just recently put that RAM in, make sure that the RAM is seated properly and in the correct slots (refer to your motherboard instructions if you are unsure). This is a pretty common mistake.
  12. Hi guys,

    Ok so I removed my RAM, cleaned it, cleaned the MOBO DDR3 slots and replaced it carefully. I then checked all the BIOS settings to make sure everything is as it should be and it is.

    I cannot install the motherboard software (chipset and so on) because my DVD drive is still broken and the "spare" I just tried is also fried. What are the chances it could be the software causing the RAM to error?

    If its not the software then I am sending the RAM back.

    Do you guys reccomend any RAM or do you think this type of RAM is good enough?
  13. Update:

    Ok so I found the problem.

    RAM stick 1 works fine, RAM stick 2 is faulty so I am going to run the system on 1 stick and send the other stick back to be replaced. :)

    Thanks for all your help guys.
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