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Nearly finished building my computer and I'm trying to create a system image on my 1 TB HDD. The drive is brand new and bare, so I don't understand why Windows won't create the image on the drive. Also, the drive isn't listed in the BIOS, just my SSD drive, from which I boot Windows. This is my first build and pretty much the last step to complete the build. Any ideas? Thanks.
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  1. Have you tried checking the data and power connections for the 1TB drive? Does the drive show up anywhere on the system (Device Manager, under Storage in Computer Management)?
  2. Are you trying to clone the drive or make an image of it? If you are just backing up (creating an image file), then the new (1TB) drive has to be partitioned and formattted first.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I've disconnected and reconnected the data cable for 1 TB drive. The drive initially didn't show up under "my computer" so I had to go under "disk management" to create the new drive.
  4. I'm trying to make an image of it. The drive has been formatted and according to "disk management" the drive is "Active, Primary Partition".
  5. zbulmer said:
    The drive initially didn't show up under "my computer" so I had to go under "disk management" to create the new drive.

    This is what I was getting at and why I said it may have needed partitioned and formatted first. This is what you did by using disk management.
  6. Well, i'm not sure why it's not showing in the bios, but if windows can see the full size of the drive, I don't see why it would be a problem. Are you using windows backup? I'm assuming windows 7 also, so please state otherwise if that's the case. I haven't used windows backup enough to give you an answer. I'll have to look into it. In the mean time, have you looked at other free backup sources?

    Macrium reflect is pretty good.

    I just used it a few days ago to restore an infected work computer. You can gogle for others.
  7. Yes I'm trying to use "windows backup" for windows 7. I've resorted to backing up my computer on my external HD. No biggie. I still can't figure it out though.
  8. Hi,

    I spent a lot of time with this system image creation and I FOUND WHY, WHY the message is 'not enough disk space' even if you tell image to be stored on another hdd (for retore on an SSD ) The backup fist be done on the same drive letter (why ? ask bill..)

    So, I found an old command (WinSeven, win2008) witch permit to change or modifiy this place :
    On Win8 Microsoft delete the "vssadmin add shadowstorage" command (WHY ?)

    In My case, I already decreased my main part to clone it with clonezilla (failed due to HDD larger to SSD, disk2disk is not available) so I increase back c: and in an "admin elevated console" and I resize first my ShadowStorage for c: drive:

    vssadmin Resize ShadowStorage /For=C: /On=C: /Maxsize=150GB

    (I resize Part to 300Go after checking data take minus than an half. (real data size + system image size)

    After, I checked back for the two services needed and restart "system image creation".... with SUCCESS !

    finally, I restore the system on my ssd and it rocks.
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