HD 5770 and A.C 2

Hello my gamer frenz... I want to know:

- I play Assassin Creed 2 with my HD 5770 Vapor-x and resolution of my CRT 1024x784, i set all max setting and sometime
the game are not run smoothly... Why..???? :fou: :fou:

- Is HD 5770 Vapor-x are not qualify enough to play A.C 2 in all max setting on 1024x784 Resolution..? I also use CCC latest driver 10.5

Here my spec:

Amd Phenom x4 955 Black Edition
500w PSU Cooler Master
4G RAM Kingston
HD 5770 Vapor-x
Cpu Cooler Hyper Z600

Please give me explanation and guide.... :( :(
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  1. Ok... if i change my graphic card to HD5870, can it change my game play from not smooth to smooth game play...?

    Maybe it will waste my money and i don't care cause to be gamer we always waste our money to have a great game....m :-)
  2. Ok... I don't have gut to O.C my graphic and processor worry it will damage.

    I use HD5770 Vapor-x and Amd Phenomx4..... Any other advise..?
  3. O.k..... Are sure, if my card damage i don't have money to buy new one.

    If you have a guide to O.C please teach me sansei..... :-)
  4. So... This happen not because graphic card and about Processor right...?

    You not try to Overclocking your HD5850...?
  5. That why i also not have a gut to overclocking.

    As long the game still can run i will accept....

    So Psychosaysdie.... what model your graphic card, have you doing O.C to your Graphic card..? O.C are really noise at the fan... why..?
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