6-pin power to 9800gt green edition

Hello,my graphics card came without the connector for the 6pin but I can clearly see the holes to where it should be soldered. Can I solder a 6pin connector with positive effect? Meaning my card will get the extra power needed and not get any unwanted shorts?

The card is here (Swedish website)
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  1. It is possible but there is absolutely no guaranty that it will work or immediately suffer a fatal failure.
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    It does not have the power connector because it does not need it. The only theoretical advantage I can think of from adding the power connector would be slightly higher overclocking headroom but that may not even be the case and I can't imagine it being worth the hassle and the risk of destroying the card.
  3. Oh, I halfway thought it would increase performance and allow overclocking since with my old 8600gts I wasnt even able to overclock it until I realised that I had to connect the 6-pin power connector.
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  5. Nah, you should be able to OC that card without the power connector. The green version is actually slightly underclocked from the normal version at stock(550 vs 600 mhz) but supposedly you can easily put it back up to and past the normal speeds with an OC.
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