Main hard drive not in bios menue

my pc started freezing and now my main hard disc is not found in bios. please help.
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  1. If it was previously working and you haven't had a fiddle, then it could be a sign of it dying.

    Check cables connected, replace data cable and power if you have spares, if not swap with your dvd drive if it works, can you hear it spin up, bios set to auto detect?
  2. thanks for the reply das stig....already tried a new hdd and both got power(spinning) but still not showing up in bios. i cant swap out dvd because dvd is ide only and hdd is sata only. i tried swapping sata cables/ports, checked bios config, and even reset mobo by taking battery out/in and still not showing up. i see 4 empty sata slots in bios. every other piece of hardware shows up fine. the only thing i didnt do is update bios. is it possible that just the sata ports burnt out? also, if the dvd ide port works, can i use a satati ide adapter for my hdd? (f.y.i this is main hdd with o/s) thanks again.
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