Computer not booting up.

My computer wont boot up. Not even to the bios. When I turn on the computer all the LEDS and fans spin except the CPU fan. The DVD drive and HDD are powered up.

I've cleared the CMOS but no luck :(

In short:
Not reaching BIOS
All the LEDs work
All the Fans spin except the CPU fan
No display
The DVD drive has power and can open
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  1. Check out this thread and get back with us after you completed each item on the checklist and still have issues.

    PERFORM THESE STEPS before posting about boot/no video problems!
  2. Yup I checked it but to no avail(haven't checked the mobo speaker because I dont have one)

    It was working just a few minutes ago. I rebooted my computer and wanted to check my BIOS. Suddenly my computer reboots, my screen goes black and my CPU fan is not spinning.
  3. My CPU is dead. Maybe you should add that to the list.
  4. Hey, how did you confirm the CPU was dead? I am having the exact same problem.... whoops did not read that the CPU fan was not spinning.
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