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hey all, i have been offered a 2 week old his 5830 iturbo to replace my 5770, he wants 180 for it. I can sell my card for about 120 so is it worth me doing this for the upgrade? will i notice a big difference? i have read a lot of places claiming this card out preforms a 5850. I would go crossfire with my 5770 like i have always planned to, but it just isnt an option cuz of the price.
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  1. Where on earth did you read that the HD5830 outperforms the HD5850?
    The HD5830 is much weaker than the HD5850 and at stock it is about 15% more powerful than the HD5770 on average. It does overclock well if it is a version that allows for voltage modification of the core but even so for a price difference of $60 it isn't worth it imo.
  2. well if you think a 10% speed increase is worth that much
    i wouldn't....

    5770 crossfired would be much faster, even faster than a 5870
  3. :lol: if a 5830 was better than a 5850 then ATi seriously messed up there naming scheme and prices!

    Save your $60 add another $80 and get another HD5770 for HD5870 performance
  4. im not talking about a standard 5830 though, i said its the 5830 turbo with i cooler. basically my 5770 just aint cutting it on max settings on metro 2033. Every bench i find says that the 5830 iturbo out performs the 5770 by between 10-15 fps at max and 10-20 fps at average fps! this is the kind of boost i need as i am lagging. I know i would be better off getting a second 5770 dude, but i did say that it aint a financially viable option.
    are you guys taking into account that the mem and core are both factory overclocked with the 5830 turbo?
  5. @omgitz a second 5770 is over a hundred quid! this will cost me an extra 60. this is only temporary, till the 6xxx series come out, then i will upgrade again. I just need something that will be alright with metro 2033
  6. A factory overclock is irrelevant and not something you should pay for. You can overclock your HD5770 as well.

    dacca said:
    @omgitz a second 5770 is over a hundred quid! this will cost me an extra 60.

    When over 100 = double the performance and 60 = 15% increase they aren't even comparable in terms of value. That you aren't talking about $60 but rather 60£ only makes the cost larger and the upgrade even more questionable. Like everyone is saying it just isn't worth it.
  7. hmm... fair enough, i will consider that, i forgot to mention it comes with modern warfare 2 which i am looking at buying for 30£ does this make it worth it?
  8. That helps I guess. Does the card at least allow for voltage changes to the core? If so then you can probably OC it up to 1ghz which(along with the game if you were going to buy it anyway) would make it a reasonable if not great value.
  9. not to sure dude, im new to overclocking. This is the link to the card
  10. thats where i saw benchmarks of the overclocked 5830 being on par, or even beating the 5850's in some tests
    can you still seriously say that it is a substantially weaker card? given these statistics
  11. Yes, definitely, it is a much weaker card. Like I said earlier it is the HD5830s ability to overclock that can make it a decent value but no, it can't touch the HD5850. Thhe HD5850 can OC to the same levels(1ghz+). Considering it starts at a stock clock of 725mhz that is an amazing increase(40%). The HD5830 starts at 800 mhz and while getting up to 1000 is still an impressive OC it just reaches where the HD5850 starts before you jack it up another 40%.
  12. Simply don't go for 5830, wate and buy another 5770 for crossfire...
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