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Hi guys, well im having some hanging issuses with my pc and im think they are related to ati drivers because what happened yesterday.

I was playing when my screen went all black and after a sec or 2 the image came back, but when it did, the frames of the game were really low, so i minimized and i saw that windows aereo whas disabled and that i couldnt change the windows color on the screen properties (like if i were in windows 7 classic mode) afther 3 minutes or so, aereo came back by itself and my windows bar was transparent again, i started the game and everything was ok.

Im worrried about this does some one has an idea if its a hardware issue or a drivers issue ? my temps were cool the hotter one was the Shader at 72

Sorry for my bad english and i will apreciate any help.

Btw I saw this on the log of everest

61 2010-05-30 01:02:45 amdkmdag 62464: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\ati2erec.dll

it is posted like 100 times
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  1. Well just try to lower down your GPU's clock ( and its memory) by 50 Mhz..( from the default ones..)..and ( keep the fan 100%) see it for it goes..
  2. I forgot to tell that this happens just once in a while and that i have done lots of benchmaks with not problems at all im gonna try that but isnt bad for the card to run the Fan at full load ? i will not be able to tell if this worked or not cus this happnes like one a week of perhaps i will have to keep those settings for a week or more
  3. You may have the ATI 5xxx random vertical stripe bug. If the screen is mainly dark right before it happens all you see is a black screen, the sound keep repeating itself wile it happens.

    The only real solution is RMA.

    If you can't RMA for any reason the best way to resolve this issue is underclock the memory clock by 100MHz-150MHz. Leave the fan speed and the GPU clock speed alone.
  4. the screen goes black and the no imput signal square of my monitor apears for 1 sec, like when u install, install drivers... then it comes back again like if i unplug and plug my cable from my monitor the sound doesnt repeats the sounds is normal
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