Sli/Crossfire motherboard under$150

I am looking for a motherboard that gives SLI or Crossfire support for sandy bridge i3.
Under $150, is there any?
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  1. Hi, I was looking for the exact same thing. Here's what I found for $150:

    ASUS P8P67-M PRO

    It's 1155 so it'll work with the i3 and it has sli (and all the normal stuff). Hope this helps!

    EDIT: forgot to mention it's a micro ATX board... I'm curious what other people's opinions are on that.
  2. The P8P67 Pro is $189 and is generally as low as I will go with a SB build. If it helps, you get $20 off in a combo buying it w/ the i2500k ... so that's the equivalent of $169 I guess :) .... for the $19, I'd spring for it.
  3. i think this may do the job

    Finding a board at that price with sli/crossfire is somewhat difficult though..stretch the budget a tad bit
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