System without a case?

Is it okay to have a motherboard ontop of an electrostatic bag (The one the mobo came with) and on top of a chair lol? I wana test out all my parts before I have to leave for new york in 5 hours, for a month, and my case still hasn't come...?

If not, just a wooden chair? What should I do lol.
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    It's called bread boarding, and it's done all the time.

    Any non conductive surface is fine.
  2. Get a "static mat"

    Those electrostatic bags are designed to repel electricity from the inside and gather it on the outside. So you have a higher chance of shocking your stuff putting it on the outside of the bag then say a table or something.

    But those static mats are like $15 at a radio shack
  3. Yeah I remember bread boarding. Sorry, I'm extremely tired. Thanks, I'll just get a wooden table or something.
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