Asus Rampage ii formula Bios problems

Hello all! :)

I have a question that I'm hoping someone may have an answer to.

I just built a new system with an Asus rampage iii formula. (System specs in sig) This board has 2 bios chips on it. Bios 1 and Bios 2.

I was running off of Bios 1 when I first fired up the system and everything seed to be fine. I installed windows and got the basics of the system set up.

I'm running Crucial DDR3 1600 ram and of course it came out to 1066 in the bios at first. So I bumped it up to spec. (!600, 1.643 volts, 8-8-8-24). Everything seemed to be fine. Ran Memtest86 for about 9 hours overnight with no errors.

Then I booted up the system again and (Just out of curiosity) I checked my system spec in windows, Only 10 Gb of the ram was showing up. So I checked with CPU-Z and sure enough, CPU-z shows all 12Gb running at the correct spec. I re-booted an screwed around with it for a while, But I couldn't get the 12gig to show up in windows.

So... I thought that it must have something to do with the changes I made to the memory in the bios. I thought it would be a great time to try out the second bios, So I switched over to Bios 2 and fired it up. I entered setup and to my surprise, The memory settings I made on bios 1 were in bios 2 as well. Thats the first funny thing because I thought that each bios was suppose to be separate from the other?

At any rate, I exited setup and went ahead with a windows boot up. What a difference! Time to windows boot up was about 20 seconds faster on Bois 2 than it was on Bios 1. (I timed it. lol) And to top it off, all 12 Gb of ram now shows up in windows at the correct spec. (1600, 8-8-8-24).

Being fairly new to this whole thing (About 2 years now) my first guess is that either one bios chip is bad (Bios 1) or it possibly got corrupted somehow. I am running the latest bios, 0505.

What do you guys think? I'm hoping that someone here has some experience with this kind of problem. I never seen anything like it before. But then again, This is the first board I've had with 2 Bios chips. ;)

I've looked on the forums and I didn't see anything like this so I apologize if something lke this has been answered before.

Thanks for your help!

Edit: oops, The title is supposed to be Rampage III formula... Sorry
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  1. Also, I ran the windows experience index while I was in bios 1 and I got a 7.2 score on the memory. When I checked it again after firing up on bios 2, windows reported new hardware detected. I re-ran the test and the memory now comes out to a 7.9 score.

    I usually don't care to much about the WEI numbers, But I think in this case they may offer a clue.
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