I cant remove a trojan


i have a trojan (fvpwnxlp.sys).. i have tried everything (i.e spybot, panda cloud, adaware) i can't think of anything else.. any help i would greatly appreciate it!!
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  1. Well, surest way is to just reformat.

    FYI stuff you listen isn't antivirus, it's anti malwayre/adware.
  2. sorry.. as you can tell.. im not good at this at all!! i try though.. how do i reformat?

    I hope i don't annoy you tooo much being a newbie =\

    what do you recommend for anti virus.. oh and i thought that's what panda cloud was for?!
  3. Try restarting in safe mode, rescan with malware antibytes, spybot search and destroy, super antispyware, and whatever antivirus you like. Between those, you should be able to get most viruses. I personally like avg free edition, but Avast antivirus(also free), is good too.
  4. if you don't know how to reformat, i'm not sure if you'll know how to install a fresh OS (Operating System ie, Windows XP, 7. Vista)??

    You might need help from a friend.
  5. I just googled "fvpwnxlp.sys". The only hit I had was this thread.

    This is going to sound stupidly irritating, but how do you know that you have a trojan?
  6. try a little lubricant and some elbow grease too
  7. Seriously, go back and check active processes and retype the suspected trojan running in the background. what you sent is a typo.
  8. I copied and saved this from this site, for future reference. All credit goes to aford10

    1. Boot into safe mode with networking. To do this, tap the appropriate function key repeatedly on startup. It's usually F8.

    Once in safe mode with networking, download, install, and update Malwarebytes. Do a full system scan.

    This is a great program that will detect and remove most any malware. It's very important to do this in safe mode with networking. There are far less services and programs running in safe mode, it's less likely that there will be an active infection running, that will suppress your malware scan. This is why people can run scans all day long, and never find anything. The malware is suppressing the scan before it even starts.

    2. Download and run Combofix.

    This is a powerful tool for removing malware. It runs several stages to systematically scan and purge any and all infections. This is a good way to verify that malwarebytes has removed everything.

    3. Download and install ccleaner. Use the registry tool to scan and repair all issues. You may need to run this several times to resolve all the issues.

    This will attempt to repair any registry damage, inflicted by the malware. In addition to the registry tool, it has several other useful optimization tools to help keep your PC clean. There is also a nice uninstaller.

    Any registry editing can be risky. If it makes you feel better, you can backup your registry before using this registry tool. However, this program is fairly conservative, and very reliable. I've never seen it cause adverse effects.

    4. Install a quality anti-virus software.

    There are a ton of different options out there. Some use more resources than others. Some catch and stop more potential threats than others. Some have optimization features. Some have annoying pop-ups. The choice here may vary from user to user. However, I'll list what I believe to be the best options, in my order of preference.

    Avast free

    Microsoft Security Essentials

    Avira AntiVir Personal - Free Antivirus

    Once you have removed any and all infections, a good anti-virus software will help keep you from having to go through this again. However, if you need to remove an infection, just start at #1.
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