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I overclocked and what I got was a cooler system, is this possible?

Ok so I have a Q8400 processor @ 2.66MHz stock whick according to the bios settings and cpu-z that the detected voltage was 1.28V with all BIOS settings on AUTO, stock temps range at 40C-64C with gigabyte G-Power 2 pro cooler(ambient temp@37C).
but after O.Cing it @ 3.2MHz with just 1.16V temps now range at 38-52C, and yes the system was stable and more faster, i tried streesing the cores to 100% overnight(around 8hrs) still the system was pretty stable, i've been using this O.C. settings for a week now.
My question is:
-Is this settings safer than the default settings? This means my processor will last much longer rather than running it on auto settings right?
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    Certainly is. Voltage has a greater effect on power consumption that core clock, and that was a significant reduction in voltage.

    As for life, generally higher voltages are the major life reducer.
  2. EXT is very right. Voltage will play one of the biggest roles in CPU temps. Lowering the voltage reduces power draw, less power = less heat generated. Less heat generally means better performance and longer life.
    So if you managed a good OC while lowering your voltage and its stable, I applaud you.
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