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hi iv just built a computer with i7 930 and fitted the cm 212 plus with 1 fan but my temperatures are round the 40 mark at 0 percent load iv refitted the cooler with arctic silver 5 this time but im still at about 37-40 degrees the cooler is not hot to touch and i just cant think what else to do does anybody have any suggestions should i let it cure for a couple of days my i7 is not overclocked any help is greatly appreciated
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  1. What's wrong with 40c idle?
    What's ambient?
    Load temps is what you should worry about.
  2. +1 ^. Use prime 95 for 100% load and real temp for monitoring.

    What's your case and in what direction is the HSF installed? Full specs would be more helpful.
    I think AS 5 needs 5 days or so to fully effective (curing period) so be patient!
    You may also consider under-volting your CPU to further reduce temps
  3. hi sorry i have no idea what the ambient is when i run prime 95 100% load was around 66 degrees c down abit from 71 my case is the haf 922 the hsf is the fan facing foreward and sucking air from the front fan i7 930 hd 5970 if 40 seems ok to you guys then ill take our word for it i was just looking around and people seemed to be getting like 25 at idle also is it worth turning turboboost and hyperthreading off
  4. hi have turned off hyperthreading and turboboost and set cpu vcore to normaal instead of auto and have run prime 95 for 10 minutes on a blend test and my hottest core now is 58 degrees c on 100% load so it has come down quite abit now just hope theres enough room for future overclocking
  5. Temperatures are meaningless without stating ambient.

    I can say my i7-930 has 10C temps at full load!

    Looks great! Cept it's in a freezer at -60C, so cooling is actually horrible.
  6. Your temps are normal and won't hurt your chip, you have a good case and the HSF is properly installed..You can try rotating it 90 degrees and make the fan push the air from down upwards (since your case has top exhaust fans) and see the temps, but mind you that setup pulls the air from the hot beast you have there (the 5790), so it might be worse..
    I suggest turning HT and -especially- turbo on, as I said your temps are OK!
    And by undervolting, I meant manually setting the vcore to lower than default values and stress testing by prime 95 for stability. It helps reducing power consumption and temps, but it takes time to find the lowset voltage your chip can run stable at. Changing the vcore from auto to normal may change nothing, you can use CPU-Z to make sure if the vcore has changed or not.
  7. i see what you means banthracis but i have no way to find out but i have managed to get it down to 56 dc as my highest core by lowering the cpu vcore to 1.0 insted of normal i think the main thing that was worrying me was the fact that my heatsink just doesnt feel warm to the touch
  8. Uninstall the HSF and remove the thermal paste (from both the CPU and the heatsink), put only a small drop at the center of the CPU, then re-install the HSF and uninstall it again, and see the the distribution of the paste, this will give you an idea if the heatsink is making a good contact with the CPU or not.
  9. hi i have already done that it didnt spread very well so i followed the 2 line method on this website


    i had to make 4 small lines on account of the cm 212 plus smaller design
  10. What I meant is that perhaps your CPU and/or the heatsink base are not flat, thus not making perfect contact with each other..Here comes the role of lapping. For more info, see tjharlow's lapping guide on youtube. But be sure that other people lapped the same HSF, since the heat pipes are exposed, too mush lapping may cause a perforation.
  11. thanks guys after feeling the heatpipes nearer the cpu they do indeed seem to be warm so i think its all sorted now thanks for the suggestions and help
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