How to configure wired internet in laptop with win 7

i have wired internet connection to my p.c ,i want it to be connected to my laptop which has win 7 64 bit.please guide me how to confiugre the settings in my laptop
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  1. If you plug in an ethernet cable between the computer and router, a wizard should pop up. If not, there's very little to set up with wired -- it should just work when you start your browser.
  2. i tried to setup a connection but it was not of use...i could'nt browse the internet.. plz help me out with this as iam a newbie in the computer world
  3. You may need advice from your internet provider on how to configure the router for their service.

    Anything else should be in the literature which came with the router (or a manual you can download from the maker's website) or in the Windows Help index (look up Network or TCP/IP).
  4. describe what you already have in more detail

    cable modem... attached to a firewall router (which kind?) or attached to your PC?

    Here's a typical setup:
    cable modem, wired to WAN port of a firewall/router. PC connected to one of the LAN ports of that router (4 LAN ports is fairly standard). Then plug your laptop into another one of the LAN ports on the router.
  5. For future use: I had the same problem, nothing showed up on plugging the cable in. My problem was that the Local area connection adapter or something similar wasn't active.(On windows 7 64 bit) I went to Control Panel / Network and Internet / Network and Sharing Center / Troubleshoot problems / Network Adapter. Hope this might help someone down the road.
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